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Female counselor writing down some information about her patient

Registration Station

  • Consent Form
  • Medical Release
  • HIPAA Privacy Forms
Cropped image of woman feet standing on weigh scales, on gray background. A tape measure in the foreground

Body Composition Station

  • Body Mass Index
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Waist Circumference
Nurse checking blood pressure for mature African American man

Blood Pressure Station

  • Quick Automated Measurement
  • Manual Verification
  • Instant Results
Close-up of taking blood sugar test from a finger.

Cholesterol / Blood Sugar Station

  • Simple Finger Stick
  • Accurate Results in 2 Minutes
  • Fasting or Non-Fasting Scores
Mid adult Caucasian woman is nurse in hospital emergency room triage center. She is examining and talking with a patient, while other patient's wait behind them in waiting room. Nurse is reviewing paperwork with male patient.

Health Coaching Station

  • Confidential One-on-One Counseling
  • Identify High Risk Individuals
  • Medical Referral