We partner with organizations who want to increase productivity and quality of life through quick, stress-free health screenings and customized wellness plans for their employees.

After years of handling numerous locations with thousands of employees, all rotating through multiple shifts, we have developed the single most effective and efficient health screening and wellness plan on the market.

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"Top Biometric Screeners in Country”

We excel where other health screening companies fail.

Here’s why most health screening events and wellness programs fail:

  • Most companies hire the cheapest labor possible; often completely untrained screeners even if they are W-2 employees
  • Inefficient scheduling, leading to long wait times and loss of essential work hours
  • Poor safety leads to HIPAA and/or OSHA violation, opening yourself up to lawsuits (or at the very least, inaccurate reporting and incredibly unhappy employees)
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The Synergy Difference

Synergy Wellness Was Started Because...

We know how it feels. We have worked in this industry a long time and hated watching companies get poor, inaccurate health screenings and resultless wellness programs.

You and your entire team want better for your employees, and you shouldn't have to feel the brunt of someone else's lack of care and training.

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70% of next year’s health care costs will come from members you think are healthy today.

Ian Duncan, Healthcare Risk Adjustment and Predictive Modeling (ACTEX Publications, 2011)

Here's How To Get Started

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Recieve a Free Proposal

Synergy creates a customized health screening and wellness plan proposal.

We Schedule Screening Events

Synergy will schedule and run your employee health screening events.

Learn from Insights

Following the event, Synergy provides aggregate reporting with comprehensive insights into employee wellness.

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Want to learn the 5 steps of an excellent health screening event?

Simplified Pricing

Our simplified pricing means what you see is what you get. The price we agree to is the price you pay. There are never additional fees for reporting, data transfer, privacy screens, set up, online scheduler, or other admin fees. We believe in keeping things simple and fair.

  • No hidden costs or fees
  • Professoinally trained staff
  • Hassle free scheduling
  • Always up to date on HIPAA & OSHA regulatory compliances