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All of our screenings follow strict CDC cleaning and social distancing guidelines. Rest assured you are in good hands. Synergy has been ranked one of the best screening companies in the nation for the past three years. Schedule your screenings today and let us show you why we are the best



Make sure your workforce is safe to enter the building and reduce the possibility of a spread among workers. Our highly trained staff will ask the covid questions and take temperatures using a no touch infrared thermometer.



Now is a great to start planning for your next Biometrics screening. Biometrics can be combined with any of our other offerings or be done on their own. Either way you don’t want to overlook the overall health of your workforce.



Our rapid antibody test has been recognized by the FDA as one of the most accurate and reliable tests available. The test is done via a simple finger stick and results are ready in just 10 minutes. Rapid tests can be deployed to the entire workforce or used in combination with the entry screening, where only positive individuals are given the test. Tests are 99% accurate for negative results and 94% for positive results – We automatically repeat a positive test at no cost just to be sure.

“FYI: The PCR test is done only when someone is suspected of having an active infection. It tests for the presence of the actual virus. Once the infection has run its course the PCR test will be negative. The antibody test detects if someone has had or is currently recovering from the covid-19 virus. It detects the antibodies that are formed by the body in response to the virus.”



If you don’t want testing to be done onsite or you have remote employees that can’t make it to a screening they can go to Labcorp. Participants can go to Labcorp and an antibody test via a blood draw. Results are available in a few days