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Unfortunately these “fixes” others suggest here to turn off your “Virtualize Intel VT-x/EPT or AMD-V/RTI”, and “Virtualize CPU performance counters” are not fixes. The two major players in the enterprise datacenter space today are Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere hypervisors. It provides VM backups, replication, offsite copies, quick VM recovery, granular restores, application-aware backups, and much more to protect your data center from data loss. A VMkernel port is created and the option for vMotion is flagged on for the specific VMkernel port. The delta disk is represented in the format of .00000x.vmdk, .vmsd – The VMware snapshot database file containing the relevant snapshot information, .vmsn – If the virtual machine snapshot includes a memory snapshot, the vmsn file contains the memory information of the running virtual machine, vmcx – The VMCX file is the new binary format configuration file contained in Windows Server 2016 and higher, vmrs – Contains the “state” information about the virtual machine, avhdx – The differencing disk file that records “changes” made after the snapshot is created, Backed by Microsoft who is committed to improve the hypervisor, Runs Microsoft’s Azure public cloud – getting tried and tested each and every day, Microsoft’s ecosystem is widely used across the enterprise market space, Customers benefit from enterprise license agreements, Is playing catchup with VMware in a number of areas, Not quite as a mature as VMware, including features, VMware has an extended lead over Hyper-V in security solutions and software-defined networking, Storage Spaces Direct is still in need of continued development and features, Enterprise leader in data center virtualization, VMware tooling may be replaced by public cloud. My Linux VMs run very slow compared with the native performance they had after installing 15.5.5 and enabling the virtualization features required by WSL2. In fact, without vCenter Server, it really isn’t possible to have a truly highly available and well architected VMware infrastructure. Microsoft has also done a lot of work in the area of the Windows Failover Cluster. Probably something related to WSL2 and the virtual prereqs it needs to operate, prereqs that break VM Workstation expected behaviour. Module ‘MonitorMode’ power on failed. Receive latest news, updates, and best practices on Virtualization & Cloud, right in your inbox.

However, now with Windows Server 2019, Storage Spaces Direct volumes formatted with ReFS can see as much as a 90% reduction in storage space used in certain cases.

However, it is designed and purpose-built to run virtual machines. This helps to secure the virtual disks themselves. Both Hyper-V and VMware ESXi in their latest variants understand NUMA architecture and have very good features to efficiently handle virtual NUMA architecture. The main technique that Hyper-V uses with managing memory that can is a subject of debate and discussion in every release of Hyper-V is dynamic memory management. It is not easy to make direct comparisons between Hyper-V and VMware in terms of performance however, both hypervisors have performance enhancing technologies that can help to boost the performance of guest operating systems. Hyper-V can be backed up at the “cluster level” meaning that even if the VM switches nodes in the Failover cluster, Vembu can continue to successfully backup the VM. The VMkernel also is comprised of a storage layer that makes use of VMware’s proprietary file storage system called the Virtual Machine File System or more commonly known as VMFS. Hyper-V is Microsoft’s hypervisor and it is obvious they are keen on continuing to improve the product with new features and technology. I needed nested virtualization for various testing, development and other legitimate purposes. Protecting your environment with a capable, modern data protection solution that is equally adept at protecting either Hyper-V or VMware will ensure that no matter which hypervisor you choose, your data can be protected effectively and efficiently. Module ‘MonitorMode’ power on failed. Hyper-V Integration Services is the equivalent technology to VMware Tools that provides the needed guest integration to allow for better performance as well as properly quiesced virtual machines for application consistent backups. Since Hyper-V is installed as a role inside of Windows Server, many have concluded this would be a Type 2 hypervisor, however, Microsoft performs some pretty slick engineering here in that after the Hyper-V role is enabled, Hyper-V is actually instantiated first, and the host operating system actually runs on top of Hyper-V. Hyper-V virtualizes processors & memory and uses various partitions to expose services and I/O devices to the guest virtual machines as well as support isolation. The core VMware vSphere products include the following: Read More : VMware Editions and Licensing Guide. When CSVs are used you want to always make use of NTFS as the preferred file system in production environments in this configuration. The table below compares the differences between Hyper-V and VMware and the configuration maximums of each hypervisor.

Since the introduction of Hyper-V, including Credential Guard and Device Guard, enabling any of these features prevented VMware Workstation from launching virtual machines. that’s a complete fail IMO. You no longer have to choose between running VMware Workstation and Windows features like WSL, Device Guard and Credential Guard. With Hyper-V, the comparable management solution that allows interacting with Hyper-V and Hyper-V clusters is known as SCVMM or System Center Virtual Machine Manager that many backup vendors utilize to perform effective backups. They have nothing that compares with AppDefense and NSX is a large margin ahead of Microsoft’s fledgling software-defined networking initiatives. Hyper-V supports many of the latest innovations that have been made in securing virtual machines. This advancement with the hypervisor was first made with VMware introducing Changed Block Tracking or CBT in vSphere 4.X. This helps you to have powerful options when it comes to your data and the platforms that host your data. ReFS should not be used with CSV. This blog provides insight and highlights for VMware Workstation from the product team. Data is encrypted both in-flight and at-rest. Windows 8 supports Hyper-V as long as you are running a 64-bit operating system, however inside of VMWare Fusion, it will allow you to install the base Hyper-V tools, but not the management service and core Hyper-V management service. Running Hyper-V hosts in a Windows Failover Cluster with some type of shared storage enables features such as Live Migration where VM compute and memory can be transferred between Hyper-V hosts in the cluster.

Within seconds, you can expose your backups to numerous virtual disk formats. Hyper-V via the latest Windows Server 2019 release as well as VMware vSphere 6.7 Update 2 are powerful platforms on which to run business-critical workloads. Let’s look at Hyper-V versus VMware in the space of supported operating systems by each hypervisor.

It does work when you check only “Virtualize IOMMU (IO memory management unit)”. The Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) is a purpose-built file system format for running VMware virtual machines. Microsoft has not really clarified or changed this direction at the time of this writing, so it appears for now, this is still the guidance with Windows Server 2019. The checkpoint is Hyper-V’s equivalent to a VMware snapshot. When taking a look at Hyper-V versus VMware, each have their strengths and potential considerations when considering using one or the other as the hypervisor platform of choice in the enterprise datacenter.

Enjoy running VMware Workstation on the latest Windows 10 20H1 with or without Hyper-V! Despite the high-availability and resiliency features that are built into both Hyper-V and VMware, data loss can still happen due to a number of reasons including human error as well as security related threats such as ransomware. Fix these, please. VMware’s success can well be one of its disadvantages. Customers may also have enterprise licensing that gives them access to Hyper-V as part of their existing license structure which is a tremendous benefit. The Hyper-V Live Migration allows transferring a running virtual machine, including its active memory from one host over to another host. This means you can easily transition from Hyper-V to VMware or vice versa. Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) is Microsoft’s software-defined storage technology that allows customers to use commodity hardware for implementing software-defined storage clusters to run Hyper-V virtual machines.

ESXi is so small that it can run entirely in memory. Any help would be greatly appreciated. For the sake of others who are in the same fix and read this comment thread, here is a slight elaboration of the fix: You will need to go into the Settings window of each of your virtual machines, inside VMWare.

Choosing between the two will require taking a look at the key areas that we have covered in the post.

Hyper-V and VMware are both extremely powerful hypervisors on which you can run your enterprise data center production workloads. Disabling CPU virtualization extensions only masks the problem at the cost of substantial regression. Microsoft is feverishly releasing updates and new features so it is a matter of time before it becomes rock solid and full of all the needed features and functionality that may still be missing. Both Hyper-V and VMware ESXi in their latest variants understand NUMA architecture and have very good features to efficiently handle virtual NUMA architecture. Its their latest update for Public. Most other VMware integrations require vCenter Server. Picking a versatile data protection solution such as Vembu BDR Suite that understands and interacts properly with both environments allows administrators to be effective in protecting data on both hypervisor platforms. This includes everything from architecture and design, supported operating systems, performance, memory management, storage and networking, migration, scalability, security, licensing and costs, and ease of use. 12 TB for Generation21 TB for Generation1, 64 TB for VHDX format2040 GB for VHD format. ESXi is an evolution of the original ESX or “Elastic Sky X” hypervisor that included a service console. VMware certainly has the upper hand here with features and functionality among its competitors and continues to bring innovation to the table. I have reported this earlier to Microsoft with the Windows insiders preview edition together with VMware Workstation 16, but they haven’t fixed it. VMware has also made strides in terms of ease of use from a management perspective. Memory sharing assumes that several virtual machines might be running the same guest operating system and sharing similar applications or components loaded. VMware vSAN consists of hybrid and all-flash configurations with both having the requirement for a cache and capacity tier.

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