dear diary skyrim 4

* Sleep-wait menu, messageboxes, training, levelup menu: Few small fixes regarding mouseover areas, Bottom bar elemets rearranged, bottom bar itself removed (see screenshots), All junk (CC stuff, logo, smoke etc) removed, Loading menu: screenshots display delay decreased, Loading menu: maximum length of a displayed save file name increased, UI interaction sounds changed to paper sounds, Removed paper options, because they didn't looked well enough and not so much needed, Added options for Vanilla and MIC replacers with 60 FPS and slightly changed textures, Added option that removes loading spinner icon from start menu, Fixed FOMOD installer error that prevented console options to install properly, Fixed FOMOD installer error that prevented inventory option without lines to install properly, Fixed bug with item values not being shown in some cases (in Frostfall version - with alchemy ingredients values, in non-Frostfall version - with enchanted weapons values), Added Favorites menu options with longer list (28 entries), Added Console replacer with More Informative Console support, Added Biege-colored map markers for use with paper map mods, Updated standalone "author's choice" variant, Updated standalone Favorites menu installer, Added options to hide bottom bar texture for Book and Lockpicking menus, Fixed Widescreen issue with Inventory 1.3, Added Inventory menu version without lines, Added option to remove all pictures from MCMs, Bottom bar image hidden in inventory menu, Icon colors redone to be more visible on paper, Fixed some errors in FOMOD, some options re-arranged, Better archive compression: more variants with less file size, Added standalone "author's choice" variant, Ultrawide (2560x1080) monitor support for crafting menu, Fixed problem with text colors in alchemy and follower inventory menus (see screenshots), Fixed error in the FOMOD installer (step Non-frosfall - non-transparent - scroll version - blood v.2), Frostfall compatible variants added for inventory / magic / crafting. Fix for gamepads: stats & settings menus scrolling animation is back. This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions, This author has not credited anyone else in this file, This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points. Fix for gamepads: highlight sprite is back. No one ever told this game addict to watch what you're wishing for and so in the one particular night she finds a gateway to the land that is almost too familiar. You will need to seek permission from these authors before you can use their assets; Upload permission You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances; Modification permission You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my files … 1.0.18 version; added parameter to change the skillbook text color, now it's visible on paper texture, moreHUD Inventory Edition, Lotd - Curator's Companion: changed the "Found" icon color, MCM: header text now always fits in the allocated space, MCM: mod list and sub list are now left-aligned to make it easier to find the needed mod; extremely long mod names and sub-list entry names (>40 chars) will be shortened to fit the allocated space, Stats menu: Experience option updated to the latest mod version (in which the issue with "MARKSMAN" text flashing was fixed), Loading menu: fixed the X offset option in config.txt, it will now work properly, Journal, MCM, inventory, favorites, map: this menus will now use their own "buttonartDD.swf" file to prevent conflicts with other mods that are use the "buttonart.swf" file (such as QuickLootRE), Most SkyUI menus: internal version changed from "5.2" to "5.2 SE" to prevent any possible SkyUI prompts about incorrect SWF verion, moreHUD IE: changed color of "LotD - Relic Notifications" icon for found items to make it better visible on paper, General: Enderal version released on its own Nexus page, Tab menu: some text size and alignment adjustments, moreHUD IE: updated to current mod version (with "Legacy of the Dragonborn - Relic Notifications" mod support), fixed text alignment (many thanks to Ahzaab), Favorites menu: different icons for destruction spells of different elements, Loading menu: option to adjust horizontal offset via config.txt, Book menu: fixed bottom bar position for "square" aspect ratios (4:3, 5:4 etc), Stats menu: fixed werewolf and vampire lord description texts colors in Extended UI stats menus, MCM: with bMCMImages = true in config file, the custom content will now have its own background texture (see screenshot), Skills/Perks Menu: Experience option for 21:9 and 32:9 - overlapping skill labels fixed, Skills/Perks Menu: health, magicka, stamina values are now colored properly depending on whether they are decreased or increased, Loading menu is now covered as well (new option in FOMOD); recommended to use with some "drawn" load screens replacer (see screenshots), General: added support for 4:3, 5:4 and 16:10 aspect ratio (other ARs should work as well), General: all semi-transparent options removed (read further for explanation), General: some options in FOMOD removed (read further for explanation), Messageboxes: fixed text cutting-off (sorry for inconvenience!

ジュンク堂 エコバッグ 銀河鉄道の夜, 苦楽園 バイト 高校生, 軽 自動車 何万キロ 乗れる, 横浜駅 西口バス 乗り場 行き方, 聖女 ドラマ 主題歌, 黒薔薇 花言葉 怖い, 広島 市立 高等学校, 阪神電車 車両 色, 勤労感謝の日 保育園 プレゼント, キャラバン 荷室 改造, 水耕栽培 水換え ポンプ, 紅 蓮華 キー下げ, 阪急京都線 急行 廃止, Windows フォト 表示されない, グラクロ 最新 エリザベス, 武蔵境 バス ひばり ヶ 丘 04, Jcb 利用可能額 復活しない, 楽天ポイント Dポイント 両方, スカーレット 花 和名, 三宮 近鉄奈良 快速急行, 水耕栽培 水換え ポンプ, 朝顔 成長 遅い, 横浜駅 赤ちゃん 遊び場, Fgo レベル上げ めんどくさい, 千葉雄大 モテ た, ミニマリスト 服 男, Mac 外付けssd パーティション, スケジュールアプリ シンプル 無料, 卓上カレンダー 自作 テンプレート, 小学生 高学年 お出かけ 千葉, 通学定期 年度またぎ 卒業, アニソン ハイレゾ おすすめ,

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