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Configurable TDP-down is the average power, in watts, that the processor dissipates when operating at the Configurable TDP-down frequency under an Intel-defined, high-complexity workload. Find products with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology ‡.

i7-7500U, Ordering Code: Do you work for Intel? Find products with Intel® AES New Instructions. Max Resolution (DP) is the maximum resolution supported by the processor via the DP interface (24bits per pixel & 60Hz). Junction Temperature is the maximum temperature allowed at the processor die. Highly threaded applications can get more work done in parallel, completing tasks sooner. Your personal information will be used to respond to this inquiry only. password?

Processor Graphics indicates graphics processing circuitry integrated into the processor, providing the graphics, compute, media, and display capabilities. Our goal is to make the ARK family of tools a valuable resource for you. Please select a comparable product or clear existing items before adding this product. The Configurable TDP-down Frequency is where the Configurable TDP-down is defined. Sign up here or Intel® 64 architecture delivers 64-bit computing on server, workstation, desktop and mobile platforms when combined with supporting software.¹ Intel 64 architecture improves performance by allowing systems to address more than 4 GB of both virtual and physical memory. This chart compares the Intel may make changes to manufacturing life cycle, specifications, and product descriptions at any time, without notice.

AES-NI are valuable for a wide range of cryptographic applications, for example: applications that perform bulk encryption/decryption, authentication, random number generation, and authenticated encryption. {{#if show-viewall}}.

|. By signing in, you agree to our Terms of Service. The maximum amount of memory accessible to processor graphics. for a basic account. Brand Name: Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology builds upon that architecture using design strategies such as Separation between Voltage and Frequency Changes, and Clock Partitioning and Recovery. Actual TDP may be lower if not all I/Os for chipsets are used. C1 is the first idle state, C2 the second, and so on, where more power saving actions are taken for numerically higher C-states. UL is a global safety science company that focuses on safety testing, inspection and verification services. Extended Page Tables in Intel® Virtualization Technology platforms reduces the memory and power overhead costs and increases battery life through hardware optimization of page table management. // Intel is committed to respecting human rights and avoiding complicity in human rights abuses.

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